What's “NIHON BUYO”?

“NIHON BUYO is like a Japanese-style musical.

 You can enjoy the story of each program feeling like

 you are traveling back in time to the past.”

NIHON BUYO is a performing art which aims to be performed on the stage. It is said to be descended from the traditional techniques of NO(能)derived from China 700 years ago. Along with KABUKI, both are now regarded as precious traditional cultures of Japan.

The music of NIHON BUYO is played and sung by performers called “JIKATA” with the Japanese traditional instruments such as shamisen, tsuzumi, and yokobue. Songs and talks are included along their performance to express the scenes and the emotions of the characters.

Many programs of NIHON BUYO were written based on true stories. Ancient people also fell in love, hung out with their friends or families, got angry and felt happy like the way we do today. Through the programs, one can get to know how people lived in the past, which is part of the fascination over NIHON BUYO for many.